Major League Electronics was founded on the principals from “The Milkshake Moment”. When other companies tell you something can’t be done, we simply get it done. Our flexibility has enabled us to solve customers complex issues for over 20 years. Let Major League Electronics Make a Milkshake for you!

The Milkshake Moment

When I finally got to my room an hour later the first thing I did was call room service where I was greeted by Stuart. "Good evening, Mr. Little, this is Stuart in room service. How may I help you?" Stuart's voice brimmed with enthusiasm. "Stuart, I'd like a vanilla milkshake, please," I said. A seemingly simple request, right? Well, not quite. "I'm sorry, Mr. Little, but we don't have milkshakes," Stuart replied regretfully. I was crushed. Quickly I regrouped. "All right, Stuart, let me ask you this: Do you have any vanilla ice cream?" "Yes, of course!" he responded with renewed enthusiasm. "Okay, Stuart, I'd like a full bowl of vanilla ice cream." "Yes sir, right away, sir! Is there anything else I can do to serve you?" Stuart asked. "Yeah . . . do you have any milk?" "Yes, we have milk!" he replied confidently. "All right, Stuart, here's what I would like you to do. Please send up a tray with a full bowl of vanilla ice cream, half a glass of milk, and a long spoon. Could you do that for me, please?" "Certainly, right away, sir," Stuart responded triumphantly. I hung up the phone and a few minutes later there was a knock. Sure enough, at my door there was a tray with a full bowl of vanilla ice cream, half a glass of milk, and a long spoon--everything needed to make a vanilla milkshake. But of course they didn't have vanilla milkshakes.

Taken from an excerpt from The Milkshake Moment by Steve Little
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